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Moving to alternative host

Hi all.
As some of you might know blogger is introducing new adult policy since 30.06.2013 so I'm moving my blog to alternative host just in case.

All content from this blog will be also there so check it out :)

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New Adult Mods for Skyrim

Hi all 
Like I said yesterday I will write and link the new adult mods for Skyrim.
When I was away few new addons and mods appear for Mini Lovers.

So for start.

 SexiS - Sex in Skyrim [Alpha] [Updated Dec 25]

The goal of this project is to make a fully featured sex engine. Other mods can use this as a master file allowing them the ability to easily create sex scenes.

For those familiar with Oblivion, this is similar to the core of Lovers with PK.

Cupid Plugin
This is a simple plugin so that the core framework is actually testable / useable. It gives the player spells to target actors and put them into a sex scene. If you cast the spells while standing on a bed, the bed will be used.

Nearing Beta. Doesn't seem to be causing problems. But be sure to have a backup save file.

Also, for people not aware, unlike Oblivion you cannot 'clean save' by removing a plugin. Some data is never removed from save files. So having a backup save is important.

- Simple call to have two actors have sex
- Supports callbacks on either/both actors via Spells
- Supports global callbacks via custom events
- Includes semi-intelligent animation selection
- Simple sound effects
- Female voice (default voice from Lovers with PK)
- Ability for mods to add their own animations, without conflicts
- Ability to easily add new voices
- Repositioning animations ingame (number keys: 1 and 2)
- Includes 6 animations
- Sex on ground or bed
- Sex is based on ingame time.

Things that need to be done
- Male voies
- Climax sound fx (splurt)
- Timing based on real time, not game time. Or fix timescale adjustments.
- Probably lots of other things

Mod and be downloaded like usuall on Lovers Lab 
 SexiS - Sex in Skyrim [Alpha] [Updated Dec 25]

Next on

New MiniLovers Extended Mod (WIP)

  • V9 Can now use CTRL key with X and Z keys to make faster position adjustments (Shift+Ctrl+X or Z as well) 
  • V9 Disabled for now but automatically equipped Strap-on for UNP and CBBE by Calyps (wtg for permission to use) 
  • V9 Automatically equipped Futa (Thanks to Mayola) 
  • V9 Full Configuration Menus - Console no longer required to set 
  • V8 Added missing scripts that were causing mod to not work in V6 and V7 
  • except for players who loaded over older or other versions.
  • V7 Player being raped is always in passive position (still can change with G key) 
  • V7 If player is being raped, preferred position is not used unless rapist chooses it (still can change with Y key) 
  • V7 Fixed FX sounds that were too loud 
  • V6 Rapists in raper madness no longer try to rape mannequins, skeletons, dead people who are no longer present... 
  • V6 Followers will now combat rape NPCs, friendly fuck (as a result of friendly fire) is now prevented 
  • V5 Never released 
  • V4 Followers would not combat rape other NPCs 
  • V3 Fixed bug where MLAGuysOptions and MLAGalsOptions were not 
  • honored in combat rape situations. 
  • V3 Fixed non-Removal of Nightingale armor. 
  • V3 Unconscious or dead NPC no longer make sounds

For more info and download link check Lovers Lab
New MiniLovers Extended Mod (WIP)


[Beta] Sex Mods All in One *RELEASE*

This mod contains everything from MiniLoversAlt [2012-11-14] plus MLA023c(newest version)
All the animations from ASX, AP, ML & using the MLA scripts. Basically all the animations from all the mods listed with the convenience of minilovers. So you can adjust the position of the actors, customize the voices & cycle through animations easily using one spell with the added ability to mix & match animations/animobjects. For example, you can make yourself small and fuck a giant npc that is stuck in a pillory or combine an AP animation with an ASX animation to make a new sex animation.

This mod also makes it easy to implement new sex animations in game. All you need to do is create the sex animations, convert the files to .hkx, rename them & place them in a folder(more details below).


-all sex animations from all sex mods(AP, ASX, casualmods, ML)
-animation randomizer button
-one button for faster x/z coordinate positioning & cycling through animations
-easy adding/removing animations
-mix & match animations
-animobjects + sex animations
-button to reverse one actor instead of both
-Collisons are automatically disabled during the spell.(fly, move through walls)

More Info and download links at LL 
New MiniLovers Extended Mod (WIP)

That should be all for now If I find something else I will post it later.


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Updates 27.12.2012

Hi all.
It has been a while since last update so here are few things that happend over past few months.

First of all I started new blog called Screenshots from Games
I'm posting there screens from various games + little thoughts about posted game.

And now some updates about Skyrim Adult Mods.

Well first of all there seems to be a progress from creators of  Adult Show XXX - ASX
As we read :

28-11-2012 | 11/28/2012

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time and we know that people are waiting, but we have a very busy personal life at the moment.

We still want to finish the brothel mod one way or another, at least this year or begin next year. We are still having difficulties with getting the xxx animations to work properly because of collision between characters. We are still searching the community to fix this problem.

If we can't get the xxx animations to work properly, then we are going to bring out a brothel version without the animations, but that you still can play it.

We'll keep in touch.

So good news is that they still try to work on the mod but honestly I think this might be the last update we will see for ASX

Niruins Business Plan

Was Updated a lot so it's great to see that FreshFish is constantly working and improving the mod.

I would write some more about updates but Fish don't really post info on description page what was added/improved/fixed.

Still really good mod and I recommend checking it. 

That would be all for now. I will try to write about new XXX mods for Skyrim a bit later today :)

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[Skyrim][2012-08-27] Mini Lovers Mod Packages

 These are various Mini Lovers mods complied into 7z's that I scoured from the Japanese Modders breakthroughs in animation/sex mods & [Skup] Skyrim Uploader. I though I'd save some people the trouble.
__________________________________________________ __________

Before You Post

Questions & Comments? Please post them to Japanese Modders breakthroughs in animation/sex mods to help keep this thread clear for file downloads. Unless you want to have to dig through 2 threads for files

New Update? Throw it on top of this stack.

__________________________________________________ __________


Update 08-10-2012:
MiniLoversAlt [2012-08-27].7z ( 179KB )
Mini Lovers 0.2.3
Mini Lovers With Voice_006a
Mini Lovers Alt 0237

MiniLoversAlt [2012-08-10].7z ( 7MB )
The above + Mini Lovers Sounds V3 ( Scepth )

NOTE: Scepth has not completed a full sound set for the mod yet.

Update 08-07-2012: Link to Scepth's v3 sound files post MLSoundsScV3.7z. This and the place holder file will get you up to date.

__________________________________________________ __________

You still need.
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Current release build (1.5.11, compatible with runtime on 4 August 2012)

Console Controls for MLA 2012.8.27

[] Global Variables
Type following command in console mode to modify the setting.
set <Variable Name> to <Value>

- MLANecroDeathTimer
A grace time in seconds before complete death in Necrophilia feature.

- MLAFollowerInvolved
Followers will be involved in random rape if this value is 1.

- MLAPlayerInvolved
Player will be involved in random rape if this value is 1.

- MLAHealthPercentage
Actors might be involved in combat rape if their health percentage go below this value.

- MLARQpercentage
Possibility for actors to be rostered on raper/rapee list for next period.

[] Quests
Type following command in console to see if someone is involved in corresponding affairs.
showQuestAliases <Quest Name>

- MLAQuest
Has potential combat rape victims.

- MLARaperQuest
Has roster of rapers/rapees.

- MLAWaitQuest
Has actors currently in ongoing action.

[] Spells, Magic Effects

- Spell: MLALifeSign xx00bf4d
Indicates this actor is a subject of necrophilia.

- Spell: MLAGratefulDead xx00ca16
Indicates this actor WAS a subject of necrophilia, now already dead completely.

- Spell: MLARapeCalm xx00182d
Calm effect for victims of player rape.

- Spell: MLARapeParalysis xx00cf79
Paralysis effect for vampire victims of player rape.

- MagicEffect: MLARapeEffect xx000d63
Actual effect that places two actors in ongoing action and handles input keys.

Please note the following message by Fore.

IMPORTANT: Read the INSTALLATION notes (even when you have used former versions of FNIS). You will have to run a generator tool.


Every time you have installed or de-installed FNIS, or an FNIS based mod.

(Note: GenerateFNISforUsers.exe is part of the FNIS Behavior files!)
__________________________________________________ __________

Once you have everything.

#1 - Did you install or is SKSE already installed? If SKSE is installed, is it the current release build 1.5.11 from Aug. 4th?
#2 - Did you install or is FINS already installed?
#3 - Close your mod manager ( TESMM doesn't update load order until it closes. This is why I suggest this step before the next for any Mod Manager. Just to be sure. )
#4 - Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe and click the "Update FINSBehavior" button. Did you get something like the following?

Reading FNIS ...
Reading FNISBase ...
All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files...
Converting behavior xml to hkx ...

### animations for # mods successfully included.
#5 - Install the ML package
#6 - Close your mod manager
#7 - Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. Press the button again and look to see if you get the "successfully included" message again.


The Mini Lovers rape spell is listed under Destruction magic, and the spell itself has no associated animation. Equip the spell, and stand fairly close to the person you want to use it on-- its range is quite limited-- then activate the spell. When hit, the spell should "grab" that actor and begin the first sex animation.

There are a few keystrokes you need to know to use the animations at this point. They are as follows:

Y: This changes the sex position. As of Mini Lovers, there are only five or so that are present. If you go beyond that, you'll just see the actors standing doing nothing. Using shift-Y will go through the positions in reverse order.

G: This switches the giving/getting position of the actors. This is especially helpful if you are playing a girl character and you don't want to peg your target.

H: This changes the "stage" of the animation. There are four stages to each available sex position, so pressing H will move from one to the next. Like with the Y key, pressing shift-H will go through stages in reverse order. When you pass the final stage of the animation, both actors will fall down and you will be free to move around normally again (this is important, because if you don't do this, the other actor will be "stuck" to you when you move around).

Screens Preview

Guide by jbezorg & kholdy & HanPL

środa, 8 sierpnia 2012

[Skyrim] Mini Lovers Sex Animations.

Hi all
Just quick display of animations that you can find in Mini Lovers for Skyrim.
As you can see animations work for Male & Female character.
Animation No3 is still bugged but author of the mod should fix it soon.

Male& Female

Female & Female

[Skyrim]Animated Prostitution - Skyrim by JoshNZ

Hi all.
As you can see Blog changed it's name from now one it won't be only about Oblivion but also Skyrim and adult mods for both elder scrolls games.

So for a start

Animated Prostitution - Skyrim by JoshNZ

JoshNZ is know from his Animated Prostitution to Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas and now Skyrim.
Recently Project seems to be abandoned but Josh is back and updating the AP 
Current version is V2.02 and as we can read he is trying to fix most of the issues that where reported in past versions.

  • Added a FORE patch list for compatiblty.
  • Found and killed a bug in the main script but got to mesed up last night and ended up killing the hole thing. So not posted. How-ever. Note that if the sex script is runing slower then it should you need a re-install. I ran the .esp and my god the lag. Took the better part of 6 hours to get back up to speed and that was how I did it. Killed my dev copy lerning that so hope it helps.

  • And here is list what you can do in Skyrim thanks to AP
  • Mod high lights-
  • You can have sex with any NPC.
  • You let Male NPC's have sex with you companion.
  • You can make any NPC a companion.
  • You can pimp your self on auto for coinage.
  • You get Spechcraft exp for talking NPC's into it.
  • Can be used in eather full bore or covert modes.
  • Its allwase good to see females useing there hands.
  • Has its own behaviour Files (So it runs out of the box).
  • Can be made compatible with FORE's work. 

So is it worth downloading ?

Yes and No 
Biggest problem with Animated Prostitution is collision with other popular mod Adult Show XXX - ASX. You can use them both if you have older versions but from 1.9+ it was not possible to use both simultaneously. Also some other adult mods like Succubus (version 4x ) requires AP for proper working if you decide that you don't want to use AP anymore but still want to use Succubus mod you will be forced to download older 3x version otherwise Skyrim will CTD right in menu.

Now some info why it's worth downloading.
Animation quality is good and there are even more availabe from your character if you decide to play as a female character and "offer " your services. (Still there is little problem becasue when you decide to do it your character will automatically run around the town and talk with male npc )
Also big advantage of AP is that you can start sex animations via dialogue system instead of marking yourself and npc. Simply equip amulet of Mara go to NPC select new dialogue option that will show up and enjoy. Note that you can only use it once per hour (in game time )  
Also if your married you don't need amulet of Mara anymore and new dialoge option will show up offering you to "consume marriage" which is really nice.

Animation Prostitution Gallery.


So overall if you want "immerse " mod that allows you to "spice " up  Skyrim Animation Prostitution is worth downloading and trying.

Link to download :


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[Skyrim] BBP Armor Pack by Alan

Name: BBP Armor Pack
Author : Alan of ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM
Latest Version: 2.02

The original thread in 3DM:

This Mod is BBP Armor Pack made by Alan.
All Armor name are in English.
This Mod is made by Alan himself, I just help him to translate it in english and release it here.

In version 2, it contains 110 Armors converted into CBBE3.1 BBP by Alan. Armors are original made by other authors or ported from Oblivion, thanks for their great job.

The armor can be crafted under the category of glass and ebony.

For the screenshot, please visit Alan's album:

The main .bsa file separated into 8 files. You need all 8 files for this mod. (or you can download the 2 files uploaded by HanPL)
There are one patch file to fix the CTD problem.
The esp files are in another .rar file. There are total 8 esp files, 4 for the light armor and 4 for the heavy armor. Each armor variety contains 4 basic Armor Rating: 1, 30, 60 and 100. Please choose only one esp according to your choice.
And there are 1 optional patch if you do not like the breast size of the armor, from reduce 50% to increase 50% of the original breast size.

For download and more info visit