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Updates 27.12.2012

Hi all.
It has been a while since last update so here are few things that happend over past few months.

First of all I started new blog called Screenshots from Games
I'm posting there screens from various games + little thoughts about posted game.

And now some updates about Skyrim Adult Mods.

Well first of all there seems to be a progress from creators of  Adult Show XXX - ASX
As we read :

28-11-2012 | 11/28/2012

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time and we know that people are waiting, but we have a very busy personal life at the moment.

We still want to finish the brothel mod one way or another, at least this year or begin next year. We are still having difficulties with getting the xxx animations to work properly because of collision between characters. We are still searching the community to fix this problem.

If we can't get the xxx animations to work properly, then we are going to bring out a brothel version without the animations, but that you still can play it.

We'll keep in touch.

So good news is that they still try to work on the mod but honestly I think this might be the last update we will see for ASX

Niruins Business Plan

Was Updated a lot so it's great to see that FreshFish is constantly working and improving the mod.

I would write some more about updates but Fish don't really post info on description page what was added/improved/fixed.

Still really good mod and I recommend checking it. 

That would be all for now. I will try to write about new XXX mods for Skyrim a bit later today :)

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