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[Skyrim] BBP Armor Pack by Alan

Name: BBP Armor Pack
Author : Alan of ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM
Latest Version: 2.02

The original thread in 3DM: http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-3039865-1-1.html

This Mod is BBP Armor Pack made by Alan.
All Armor name are in English.
This Mod is made by Alan himself, I just help him to translate it in english and release it here.

In version 2, it contains 110 Armors converted into CBBE3.1 BBP by Alan. Armors are original made by other authors or ported from Oblivion, thanks for their great job.

The armor can be crafted under the category of glass and ebony.

For the screenshot, please visit Alan's album: http://bbs.3dmgame.com/home.php?mod=spac...icid=67498

The main .bsa file separated into 8 files. You need all 8 files for this mod. (or you can download the 2 files uploaded by HanPL)
There are one patch file to fix the CTD problem.
The esp files are in another .rar file. There are total 8 esp files, 4 for the light armor and 4 for the heavy armor. Each armor variety contains 4 basic Armor Rating: 1, 30, 60 and 100. Please choose only one esp according to your choice.
And there are 1 optional patch if you do not like the breast size of the armor, from reduce 50% to increase 50% of the original breast size.

For download and more info visit

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