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New Adult Mods for Skyrim

Hi all 
Like I said yesterday I will write and link the new adult mods for Skyrim.
When I was away few new addons and mods appear for Mini Lovers.

So for start.

 SexiS - Sex in Skyrim [Alpha] [Updated Dec 25]

The goal of this project is to make a fully featured sex engine. Other mods can use this as a master file allowing them the ability to easily create sex scenes.

For those familiar with Oblivion, this is similar to the core of Lovers with PK.

Cupid Plugin
This is a simple plugin so that the core framework is actually testable / useable. It gives the player spells to target actors and put them into a sex scene. If you cast the spells while standing on a bed, the bed will be used.

Nearing Beta. Doesn't seem to be causing problems. But be sure to have a backup save file.

Also, for people not aware, unlike Oblivion you cannot 'clean save' by removing a plugin. Some data is never removed from save files. So having a backup save is important.

- Simple call to have two actors have sex
- Supports callbacks on either/both actors via Spells
- Supports global callbacks via custom events
- Includes semi-intelligent animation selection
- Simple sound effects
- Female voice (default voice from Lovers with PK)
- Ability for mods to add their own animations, without conflicts
- Ability to easily add new voices
- Repositioning animations ingame (number keys: 1 and 2)
- Includes 6 animations
- Sex on ground or bed
- Sex is based on ingame time.

Things that need to be done
- Male voies
- Climax sound fx (splurt)
- Timing based on real time, not game time. Or fix timescale adjustments.
- Probably lots of other things

Mod and be downloaded like usuall on Lovers Lab 
 SexiS - Sex in Skyrim [Alpha] [Updated Dec 25]

Next on

New MiniLovers Extended Mod (WIP)

  • V9 Can now use CTRL key with X and Z keys to make faster position adjustments (Shift+Ctrl+X or Z as well) 
  • V9 Disabled for now but automatically equipped Strap-on for UNP and CBBE by Calyps (wtg for permission to use) 
  • V9 Automatically equipped Futa (Thanks to Mayola) 
  • V9 Full Configuration Menus - Console no longer required to set 
  • V8 Added missing scripts that were causing mod to not work in V6 and V7 
  • except for players who loaded over older or other versions.
  • V7 Player being raped is always in passive position (still can change with G key) 
  • V7 If player is being raped, preferred position is not used unless rapist chooses it (still can change with Y key) 
  • V7 Fixed FX sounds that were too loud 
  • V6 Rapists in raper madness no longer try to rape mannequins, skeletons, dead people who are no longer present... 
  • V6 Followers will now combat rape NPCs, friendly fuck (as a result of friendly fire) is now prevented 
  • V5 Never released 
  • V4 Followers would not combat rape other NPCs 
  • V3 Fixed bug where MLAGuysOptions and MLAGalsOptions were not 
  • honored in combat rape situations. 
  • V3 Fixed non-Removal of Nightingale armor. 
  • V3 Unconscious or dead NPC no longer make sounds

For more info and download link check Lovers Lab
New MiniLovers Extended Mod (WIP)


[Beta] Sex Mods All in One *RELEASE*

This mod contains everything from MiniLoversAlt [2012-11-14] plus MLA023c(newest version)
All the animations from ASX, AP, ML & casualmods.net using the MLA scripts. Basically all the animations from all the mods listed with the convenience of minilovers. So you can adjust the position of the actors, customize the voices & cycle through animations easily using one spell with the added ability to mix & match animations/animobjects. For example, you can make yourself small and fuck a giant npc that is stuck in a pillory or combine an AP animation with an ASX animation to make a new sex animation.

This mod also makes it easy to implement new sex animations in game. All you need to do is create the sex animations, convert the files to .hkx, rename them & place them in a folder(more details below).


-all sex animations from all sex mods(AP, ASX, casualmods, ML)
-animation randomizer button
-one button for faster x/z coordinate positioning & cycling through animations
-easy adding/removing animations
-mix & match animations
-animobjects + sex animations
-button to reverse one actor instead of both
-Collisons are automatically disabled during the spell.(fly, move through walls)

More Info and download links at LL 
New MiniLovers Extended Mod (WIP)

That should be all for now If I find something else I will post it later.


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