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[Skyrim]Animated Prostitution - Skyrim by JoshNZ

Hi all.
As you can see Blog changed it's name from now one it won't be only about Oblivion but also Skyrim and adult mods for both elder scrolls games.

So for a start

Animated Prostitution - Skyrim by JoshNZ

JoshNZ is know from his Animated Prostitution to Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas and now Skyrim.
Recently Project seems to be abandoned but Josh is back and updating the AP 
Current version is V2.02 and as we can read he is trying to fix most of the issues that where reported in past versions.

  • Added a FORE patch list for compatiblty.
  • Found and killed a bug in the main script but got to mesed up last night and ended up killing the hole thing. So not posted. How-ever. Note that if the sex script is runing slower then it should you need a re-install. I ran the .esp and my god the lag. Took the better part of 6 hours to get back up to speed and that was how I did it. Killed my dev copy lerning that so hope it helps.

  • And here is list what you can do in Skyrim thanks to AP
  • Mod high lights-
  • You can have sex with any NPC.
  • You let Male NPC's have sex with you companion.
  • You can make any NPC a companion.
  • You can pimp your self on auto for coinage.
  • You get Spechcraft exp for talking NPC's into it.
  • Can be used in eather full bore or covert modes.
  • Its allwase good to see females useing there hands.
  • Has its own behaviour Files (So it runs out of the box).
  • Can be made compatible with FORE's work. 

So is it worth downloading ?

Yes and No 
Biggest problem with Animated Prostitution is collision with other popular mod Adult Show XXX - ASX. You can use them both if you have older versions but from 1.9+ it was not possible to use both simultaneously. Also some other adult mods like Succubus (version 4x ) requires AP for proper working if you decide that you don't want to use AP anymore but still want to use Succubus mod you will be forced to download older 3x version otherwise Skyrim will CTD right in menu.

Now some info why it's worth downloading.
Animation quality is good and there are even more availabe from your character if you decide to play as a female character and "offer " your services. (Still there is little problem becasue when you decide to do it your character will automatically run around the town and talk with male npc )
Also big advantage of AP is that you can start sex animations via dialogue system instead of marking yourself and npc. Simply equip amulet of Mara go to NPC select new dialogue option that will show up and enjoy. Note that you can only use it once per hour (in game time )  
Also if your married you don't need amulet of Mara anymore and new dialoge option will show up offering you to "consume marriage" which is really nice.

Animation Prostitution Gallery.


So overall if you want "immerse " mod that allows you to "spice " up  Skyrim Animation Prostitution is worth downloading and trying.

Link to download :


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