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 Lovers Immoral Sister.

As you can guess it's "twin " plugin of Immoral Guards but instead of Guards Immoral Sisters adds "Sisters/Nuns " in each city Chapels and new "Nine Divines " Cult.
To Join the Cult visit Fater in Imperial City Talos Plaza (If you can't find him go to Immoral Crypt )
After that you will be able to visit Immoral Crypt & Sanctuary and 2 other locations (teleports inside Immoral Sanctuary )

Inside Immoral Sanctuary you will find Animal Altar which will allow you to spawn random Immoral Creature that will have sex with Immoral Sisters (They gather in Immoral Sanctuary every night ) but also grants you spell that allows you to summon random "Immoral Creature "

Nuns will offer you confession by...Sex
After it you will recive over 8 buffs that restore willpower/strenght etc. Also you get random items ranging from healing potion to onions

Pee Bombs
Are you are able to make and use Pee Bombs spell I didn't have time to test them so can't really tell what do they exactly do

Requirements :
Lovers with PK
Need MBP++ v098



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