środa, 23 maja 2012

Yang Yang 2.3GB Ultimate Clothes Collection.Omod

And here is something very special for you guys like I promised.
Many people saw it, wanted it but never had enough gold to buy it on moderteam.

Air Outfit Compilation OMOD version
This package weight 427mb after installing over 2.3GB !
It contains over 400 (!) clothes all BBB compatible
You will find almost all  of Yang Yang clothest here, also unique and rare weapons made my chinse modders.

I won't even post pictures becasue It would be hard to have over 400 pictures in one place.

But if you want some preview

Installation :
Really easy just download extract file use mod manager to install it and voila.

There will be 2 esp files.

Don't use the one with auto adding items becasue it will in 99% crash your game (try to open inventory with over 400~500 items )

Instead pic the second option.
It will add barrel near the gate in Imperial City Market District.
from which you can pick the new cool items you want.

Few screens :

Fixed Download link  :

Have fun

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